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A Company Trusted by Thousands in Tracy

Crown Key Realty, Inc. has been providing quality service and support through every phase of the rental management process for over 10 years! We’re dedicated to upholding our values with integrity by looking out for clients’ best interests at all times.

Property Maintenance

Regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to keep your property in good condition.


Tenant Screening

Thorough screening of potential tenants to ensure reliable and responsible occupancy.


Lease Management

Professional lease agreements that outline tenant responsibilities and rights while ensuring the owner’s interests are protected.

Property Marketing

Proactive advertising of the property to attract and secure suitable tenants.

Legal Support

Expert knowledge of landlord-tenant laws and regulations, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal issues.

Financial Reporting

Regular financial statements, expense reports, and detailed analyses of rental income and expenses.


"One of the best property managers I have hired. Amazing in finding the right tenants and keeping the house up to date. Very honest and keeps owners informed in a timely manner on changing situations and needs. The way Susan handled communications with both tenants and owners during pandemic talks volumes about her experience and skill."

Krishnakanth Batta

"I have to thank the professional and friendly people at Crown Key Realty. They talked me through the process and the automated sites made the application and tenant portal easy. I really appreciate their continued support as a tenant."

Nallely Abbott

"We have been super pleased with the team at Crown Key Realty. They are both professional and responsive."

Ellie Athena Wellness