Tenant Questions

How and when do we switch over utilities?
We will send you a link to our FREE utility concierge service which will assist you in transferring utilities. Utilities not transferred within 7 days of move-in will be assessed a $75 penalty.

NOTE: Mountain House CSD (water, sewer, garbage) will be billed directly to your tenant portal. MHCSD does not allow for a transfer of utilities to a tenant’s name.

How long will you hold a property once we've been approved if we don't want to start the lease right away?

Once you’ve been approved, we will hold the property for up to 2 weeks. If we have multiple applications for a vacant property, preference may be given to the application with the soonest move-in date.

What types of pets do you allow?

Please see more information on our pet policy page.

Do you allow co-signers? If so, what is the criteria for them?

We do allow co-signers with excellent credit who are also homeowners in the State of California. They have to apply through the same process at tenants.

How and when do we do the walkthrough on the property before moving in?

Crown Key Realty, Inc. does a walkthrough before you the lease starts. You are provided with access to an app where you can note any existing damage that you do not want to be held responsible for when you move. Anything noted is not considered a request for repair unless a work order is submitted through the tenant portal.

Will the property be cleaned?

All of our vacant properties have been professionally cleaned. If you view the property and think it needs more cleaning, please bring that to our attention immediately. Otherwise, vacant properties are in as-is/move-in condition.

What day of the month is rent considered late?

The rent is due on the first and is considered late as of the second. There is a 3-day grace period for you to pay rent without a late fee. If you submit rent after midnight on the fifth of the month, your lease states that a late fee should be added.

Can I pay rent with a credit card?

Yes. We allow tenants to pay rent in a variety of ways. If you pay with a credit card, there is an additional fee the credit card company charges that we pass along to you. There is no fee to pay via ACH. You can also pay by personal check with an additional fee. Under no circumstances does our office accept cash due to safety reasons.

Do you require tenants to get renter's insurance?

We do not require it but strongly recommend it. Please read our blog about what renter’s insurance covers and how it can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Once the lease is over and we move out, how long until we get our deposit back?

California law states that we have 21-days to return your deposit or provide accounting for what it was used for it we determine you left owing unpaid rent, fees, or damage above normal wear and tear.

Who is responsible for lawn maintenance?

Every property we manage has a different policy regarding lawn maintenance. Please check your lease for what applies to your rental property.