We handle all of the aspects of finding a qualified tenant to rent your property.

Our Marketing
We advertise the properties we manage online. All the popular websites that tenants are looking at we advertise on. In addition, we post on all social media websites.
In-Person and Self-Showings
We do in-person as well as self-showings. Self-showings have the benefit of potentially renting your property faster as tenants who are interested can go and view on their own within a few minutes of seeing your property listing. They have to register through our app which helps to ensure that your property is protected.
Tenant Screening
We pride ourselves on our ability to qualify good tenants who will pay the rent on time and maintain your property. Bad tenants make being a real estate investor and landlord a nightmare so our number one goal is to avoid that so that we do not have headaches down the road once a tenant has moved in.
Documenting Property Condition
Before the tenants move in we do a walkthrough and take photos and note everything in your property so we can make sure that when the tenant moves out that we’re getting it back in the same condition with the exception of normal wear and tear which is required by law.

Property Management

Finding a qualified tenant is half the battle. many things can happen while your tenant is living at the property. They call us if they have any questions about their lease or have maintenance issues or paying rent on time.

Rent Collection
We provide an online portal for tenants to pay rent online 24/7. They can view their balance and pay with a credit card or checking account.
Property Maintenance
Things happen. We try to be as proactive as possible and replace things when they reach the end of their useful life but occasionally things will break during the tenant’s lease. We have a 24-hour hotline for tenants to report any maintenance emergencies and we use qualified, reliable, and reasonable contractors.
HOA and City Violation Notices
If your property is in an association, you may receive a notice regarding a violation. Sometimes it’s as simple and easy as the tenants not bringing in the garbage bins in a timely manner and other times it can be exterior maintenance issues. We communicate with you, the tenant, and the association to clarify what the issue is, determine if your tenant and property are the correct ones, and work with the tenants to fix the issue in a timely manner before any fines are incurred. If a fine is incurred and it’s the fault of the tenant then we work on collecting that for you.
We do what we can to avoid an eviction situation since it’s a lose-lose and no one is happy when an eviction happens but sometimes they are necessary. We act swiftly with our attorneys while abiding by all the terms of the law to try and secure possession of the property and mitigate your damages. The longer a non-paying tenant stays in your rental the more money you lose and we understand that.