Mistakes Property Owners Make When Screening Tenants

Tenant screening is an essential part of property management, and it’s critical for ensuring that tenants are reliable, responsible, and able to pay their rent. However, even experienced property owners can make mistakes when screening tenants that can lead to problems down the road. Some of the most common mistakes that property owners make when screening tenants include:

Failing to conduct thorough background checks

Background checks are an essential part of tenant screening, as they can provide information about a tenant’s criminal history, credit history, employment history, and rental history. Failing to conduct a thorough background check can result in renting to a tenant who may have a history of evictions, unpaid debts, or criminal activity.

Not verifying income and employment

Verifying a tenant’s income and employment is important for ensuring that they can afford to pay the rent. Property owners who fail to verify income and employment may end up renting to tenants who are unable to make their rent payments.

Ignoring references from previous landlords

References from previous landlords can provide valuable insight into a tenant’s behavior and reliability. Failing to check references can leave property owners in the dark about a tenant’s past rental experiences and may result in renting to a tenant who is problematic.

Not checking for evictions or lawsuits

Checking for evictions and lawsuits can provide important information about a tenant’s history of problems with other landlords or legal issues. Failing to check for evictions and lawsuits may lead to renting to a tenant who has a history of not paying rent or causing problems for their landlords.

Using discriminatory screening practices

Property owners are required to comply with fair housing laws that prohibit discrimination based on factors such as race, religion, gender, and disability status. Failing to comply with fair housing laws can result in legal trouble and damage to the owner’s reputation.

Overall, tenant screening is a critical part of property management, and property owners who fail to conduct thorough screening may end up with problem tenants who cause financial and legal issues. By working with a property management company, property owners can benefit from the expertise and experience of professionals who can help to conduct thorough tenant screenings and avoid common mistakes.


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